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Become a Fellowship Friend

Become a Fellowship Friend

The International 

Healing Fellowship
You have immediately connected  with the healing thoughts and prayers
of our healer community and members who have blessed each page within our site.
This silent power may well help you and initiate healing within you. 
We offer this to you with our love

Become a Fellowship Friend

Friends like you...



We are a not-for-profit organisation. This means that all our work is done on a voluntary basis by many individuals whose generosity, in terms of time and commitment, means that we continue to reach out to those in need. 


Unlike many other healing organisations, we keep our membership prices extremely affordable.    We ask only £8.00 per year to help offset the costs of running The International Healing Fellowship. 


Being a Fellowship Friend means that you become part of one of Europe's most reputable healing organisations thus allowing you to connect with other like minded people both in the UK and beyond. 


Fellowship Friend status is open to anyone that has an interest in healing and/or personal spiritual development. Your membership allows you access to our Members platform where you can keep updated with all the news, views, forthcoming events and progress within the healing community. 


If you are interested in Spiritual and Energy healing, you might wish to consider becoming a Fellowship Friend.   To join, please contact us using the email form below.


Thank you for your consideration and generosity. 






Generosity brings joy
Honesty brings peace

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