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The International 

Healing Fellowship
You have immediately connected  with the healing thoughts and prayers
of our healer community and members who have blessed each page within our site.
This silent power may well help you and initiate healing within you. 
We offer this to you with our love

What We Do


We have a long heritage....we were established in 2004 to bring about a modern understanding of Spiritual Healing both here in the UK and Overseas.


We know that the words "spiritual "and "healing "when used in the same sentence can often lead to misunderstandings.  


We like to keep things simple and  what we do even simpler and therefore what we do is:

  • Act as an umbrella for traditional healing teaching and study

  • Provide a 'home' for those who have studied and who practice in this field, both in the UK and in Europe. 


Collectively, we are known as a Fellowship offering comprehensive programmes for both healer training and esoteric studies which includes the laws and regulations that govern these practices in the UK and Overseas.  The Fellowship is run by a Committee of volunteers, none of whom receive any financial remuneration for their involvement. 

Who We Are


We are a group of people just like you.  We’ve all got our own life stories to tell.


We’ve each been on a journey of self-discovery so we know exactly what it’s like to experience life's pain, discomfort, emotional trauma and even grief that perhaps you are going through right now. 


We’re not Counsellors, nor do we want to be.  And we aren't biased towards any religion, creed, faith, sexual orientation or perceived gender.


Some of us are self-employed, others work or are retired but we all have two things in common; we care passionately about you and other people and we fervently believe in the power of the healing process. 

How We Work


We specialise in TLC...tender loving care. That is to say that everything we do, we do from the heart.


So when you take that sometimes daunting step to contact a healer, you'll know that the choices you'll make will lead you towards achieving your personal spiritual unfoldment and healing journey with helping hands along the way. 


Purple Flower

Purple Flower





What We Believe


Spiritual healing is a therapy where natural universal energy is used to bring about  holistic improvements.


Some may call this energy "God" whilst others may call it "Divine Source" but we really don't get hung up on what it's called as we know WHAT IT IS and WHAT IT CAN DO. 


We respect that every one has a unique spiritual journey, one that we guide you through to cross every stepping stone towards your journey's end.


Meet the Gang

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire,
we cannot live without a spiritual Life


Founder and Chair - UK



Chair - Overseas



Membership Secretary




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