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The International

Healing Fellowship
You have immediately connected  with the healing thoughts and prayers
of our healer community and members who have blessed each page within our site.
This silent power may well help you and initiate healing within you. 
We offer this to you with our love

Want to be a Healer?

Accredited Training


Is it recognised nationally?


Yes, yes and then some! The Fersfield School of Healing, the UK training centre for the International Healing Fellowship, has a deep heritage in offering Healer and spiritual training and further development.  


Our acclaimed courses are designed around the professional guidelines, standards and practices for Healer development which means that the training and certification you receive will be recognised nationally. 


What prior qualifications do I need?


Our courses are delivered in a very friendly environment and designed in a way that suits your learning needs and styles. This means that, no matter your previous level of learning, you'll soon gain the confidence to enable you to put your learning into guided/supervised practice during your following two year practical training.


How long is the course?


The Healer Training course starts with a certified 6 week Foundation course. To make sure you get the best from this course, we keep our group numbers small.  


Sessions are held on a week-day on a monthly basis, usually starting at 10 a.m. finishing around 5 p.m. with refreshments available all day.  


We do know that sometimes a week-day is not always possible for some of our students so we remain as flexible as we can and will work around you wherever possible. 


How much does it cost?


We like to keep our course costs as low as possible.  At £850 per person, we know that you'll agree this represents excellent value for money especially when you consider the course content and package of on-going support available to you.    (See below right).


Past students tell us that a key and valued part of the course is the shared lunch because it is a lovely time to reflect and contemplate the mornings sessions. 


What happens after the 6 week
Foundation course?


Once you've completed your Foundation course, you'll enter into your practical Healer Training phase.  


These sessions are held twice a month where you'll practice and hone your skills under the watchful eye of an experienced Healer.  


It's good to know that these sessions are also open to members of the public who wish to receive healing, or are interested in training as a healer. 


I'm interested. How do I sign up?


That's great news!  You can register your interest or reqest more information using the form below


Course Fees


What's included? 


1st year membership to the International Healing Fellowship


All course materials 


Trainer time and venue costs for both the theoretical

     foundation teaching course and the 2 year practical guided

     support and final assessment




1st year insurance premium


Unlimited access to a network of registered Healers


Free access to member area of our website


Free subscription to our quarterly Newsletter

"The Healing Herald"


3 months free advertising space on our website

to launch your business


 Ongoing business support to establish your practice. 




We do not need more knowledge but more wisdom.
Wisdom comes from our own attention

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Meet the Trainers


Maggie Mittins-Ladd

Maggie Mittins-Ladd

Principle Trainer UK

Paul Lambillion

Paul Lambillion

Overseas Trainer

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