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Foundation Course UK

Course Overview


What are the aims of the course?


The aim of our Course is to provide, a general basic knowledge of healing and subjects, which are related to it.  


Our Course has been designed to follow current teaching methods, (NVQ format), so that at the end of our course, you will have a Portfolio of work as well as a certificate as evidence of your attendance.


Our Course is a part of the two-year probationer-training period but is open to anyone who seeks awareness.  


Our Course contains, both practical and written material and each student is provided with worksheets for each Module and a document wallet.  


During your training period, you'll be expected to keep a diary/log book, in which your record your observations and reflections during this phase of your personal journey, growth and development as you journey towards becoming a probationer healer.



Course Modules



The History of Healing

A brief look at the development of Healing through the ages up to the present time and a look at the issues surrounding its development.


Professional Course

Looks at the Code of Conduct, the Database, Insurance Policy and other legal issues that are part of a healer's life, organising and maintaining a healing practice, record keeping, general health and safety, and other issues relevant to healing.


Basic Anatomy and Physiology

This is a very basic study of the human body, its structure and and function with specific reference to healing and subtle anatomy.  Looks at the skeleton and organs, respiration, circulation, stress and its relationship with the immune system, the nervous and endocrine systems.


Listening Skills, Loss and Bereavement 

Learning how to listen effectively and looking at the issues that surround loss and bereavement in a variety of contexts.


Relaxation and Breathing

Understanding the physiology of the body in connection with these factors.  Learning how to use relaxation and breathing as healers, and for ourselves in our daily lives.  Learning and practicing techniques on each other.


Visualisation and Meditation 

Learning how to use visualisation in a healing context with a patient, a group and for ourselves. Learning and practicing a variety of visualisation techniques on each other.


Subtle Energies 

The power of thought, Healing energy, auras and chakras and the human body. This is a basic study of these energies, rather than an in-depth study; the aim is to increase awareness and sensitivity to these energies in our daily lives, and as healers.

Post course practical



During the two-year probationary period, you'll be supervised by a qualified healer and will undergoe continuous assessment.


The Foundation Course is a 6-day workshop run concurrently with your two-year probationary period.



Your practical sessions will allow you to develop a further sensitivity towards the healing energies and your awareness as the Healing Channel. 


Much emphasis is placed on the healing session and the role the healer has to play in this context, the healer/patient relationship, healing techniques, meditation and breathing techniques.  Cooperation with the medical profession, personal health and safety. 



These supervised practical situations are provided to enable you to hone your client relationship skills in both the public and private arenas.


What's more, you'll acquire a more in-depth knowledge and a broader understanding of the Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Procedures and the insurance implications in connection with keeping records and legal implications.


Final assessment



As you approach the final 3 months of your 2 year practical phase, or sooner if considered appropriate by your Supervisor, you'll enter into your final assessment phase.


This means that you have the opportunity to identify your own client case-load and provide regular contact healing for each client over a 3 month period.   


Your client case load may include a maximum of 2 people from the healing group you attend. You'll then need to find and idenify 2 additional clients to complete your case-load.  


Each of your client case load must be fully aware that you are a probationary Healer. The reason for this is that, at the end of the 3 months, your clients will each be asked to provide a letter testifying to their experiences with you.


These client testimonials should include their personal opinion of the effectiveness of your healing as well as their considerations regarding the relationship you've developed and nutured with them.  


Your probationary period concludes with an formal assessment which is conducted by an independent assessor.


It is they who then adjudicate that you practice healing in accoradance with the training given and within the Code of Conduct guidelines before certificating you as a fully qualified healer, trained to nationally recognised professional standards.  




Those who are awake
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Maggie Mittins-Ladd

Maggie Mittins-Ladd

Principle Trainer UK

Paul Lambillion

Paul Lambillion

Overseas Trainer

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