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Uta - 1945 to 2014



Our friendship began a long time ago now when Uta became part of the group I ran that was known as ‘Witches’.


Although she was already a Reiki healer Uta became a regular probationer member of our healing group in Diss where she was affectionately known as Chuckles, for the many times she had a fit of the giggles at healing. She always maintained that horses were much easier to work with than human beings, because they never answered back!


Not only that she was always at Heartstar afternoons and the Siriun Healing and Magic workshops with Paul that began over twenty years.


Apart from all the support she gave to the Healing Fellowship and the Art of Life, (the cancer support group); she became famous as our ‘official’ photographer and whatever the occasion Uta took the photographs to record the moment.


Her passion for horses and trees took us to many places over the years but especially to Rougham and the great lime trees; and of course, always with our cameras.


A wild child! A Sixties babe who had been pretty much all over the world during her life time and who finally settled in Newmarket near her beloved horses and to travel the country side to join in folk dancing at the many music festivals that are so popular in East Anglia.


I asked the healing group to give me their memories of Uta and this is what they said; How to describe Uta? ‘Well she was energetic, fun loving, and always ready to help anyone if she could. She was never dismissive and always listened to what you said. She was friendly and supportive.


Having crossed many continents in her life she was very knowledgeable and worldly and yet paradoxically she was a private person. Even so she was a larger than life character, with an insatiable curiosity about life, people and countries; the adventurer and explorer, passionate about horses, trees, dolphins and the wild places’.


Incidentally, apart from her camera, she always had her sleeping bag and tent in the boot of her car; just in case........


Uta lived her life to the full and in the process she touched many lives with her presence. She is sorely missed.


Maggie & the Fersfield Healing Group.














The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact 
with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom."


~ Sharon Ralls Lemon


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