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Our friendship began in the 80’s when Peter came to the Bury Healing Group’s public healing sessions in the library.


As Peter’s interest in healing increased over the next couple of years he decided that he would like to train as a healer. For a man who rarely grumbled he really took me to task when he realised the amount of written work and study the training entailed. He said, ‘It was like going back to school!’ Needless to say at the end of the two years he passed with flying colours. 


Over the years Peter joined many groups that not only furthered his interest and understanding of healing and spiritual awareness but also broadened and expanded his understanding of him Self and life. He was the ‘eternal student’.


Finally, Peter was a practising member of our healing group for over twenty years and our lasting memory of him is his love and selflessness for all those who crossed his path and his commitment to and belief in the power of healing.





Maggie Mittins-Ladd












Rise above time and space,
Pass by the world, and be to yourself your own world.

- Sufi Wisdom -

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