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Your unique pathway

Your unique pathway

The International 

Healing Fellowship
You have immediately connected  with the healing thoughts and prayers
of our healer community and members who have blessed each page within our site.
This silent power may well help you and initiate healing within you. 
We offer this to you with our love

Your Unique Pathway

Call of the Heart


Why me?


Most people choose to coast through life, hoarding possessions, making money and committing to the daily rush.


Many prefer to ignore the call of their hearts to delve beyond what is considered the 'norm' out of fear or denial. 


And then, wham!


Life brings suffering.

Life brings death,

Life brings illness.

Life brings emotional trauma.

Life brings monumental change.


What have I done to deserve this? 


Monumental life change is a cunning thing because it normally arrives when you least expect it and it can arrive in many guises.  


 It may take the form of a phone call, email or letter.  


Sometimes it may lead you to experience the loss of something or someone you cherish deeply.


Perhaps it arrives in the form of a strange experience, vision or dream. 


No matter it's shape or guise, we always refuse to accept it simply because we are in denial due to fear of change.


We can't cope because we don't have a single mental or spiritual coping resource in our personal armoury to help deal with our personal suffering​ because we've never gone beyond the norm.  


We deny whatever is difficult in our lifes."This can't be happening to me" is our immediate defence mechanism to fend off what is painful and uncomfortable.  


The Quest


Perhaps you can relate to
a major life change right now? 

Every life has a measure of sorrow.

Sometimes it is this that awakens us

- Buddha - 


When this happens, it can be difficult to know what to do next. You are at a crossroads uncertain and perhaps fearful of the next steps.  It's not good to rush forward at this point so we suggest you take your time to consider:


 - Why you might need the help of a healer;

 - What your expectations are.


Two simple questions with life meaning change so it's good to spend sometime thinking this through.


Remember, the Call of the Heart is a quest for healing to help us to understand what our challenges are and how to overcome them. This is the Path of Love.  


For now, all you need to do is to exhale. Let go of wanting, striving, struggling and just be for a moment.




Pathways introductory service


Who am I?
What is life really all about?


When you're ready to take that first step on your quest, we're going to be with you every step of the way.


You probably won't have any clear answers yet and that's perfectly normal but if you've read this far, it's highly likely that you are ready to begin your self-exploration and embark on your journey of discovery. 


Ready to start?


If you live in the UK, call Maggie on 01379 890916 for a discreet and personal chat about your situation, needs and expectations.


If you live outside the UK in Europe, Jacqueline is ready to take your call on +33 (0) and offers conversation in both English and French.


We understand that picking up the phone or making contact by email is probably very daunting for you but we want to reassure you that we are here to offer you some much needed TLC and a hand of friendship to help you across troubled waters. 


It's really important that we can speak to you whether by phone or email since we need to understand a little more about you, your circumstances, your expectations, your questions and more besides. 


We need to know where you live, your contact details and how far you're prepared to travel to see a Healer and/or attend a healing group. It might be that your preference is for a home visit.


How does the Pathway introductory
service work?


We are all unique and so are our needs and the information you give us (in strict confidence) helps us to find you the best solution.  


Once we've got this, we get to work straight away finding the right Healer in the closest locality to you. We then contact you 

to let you know the Healer's name and contact details.


You then have the choice of making arrangements at your own convenience with your nominated Healer or if you prefer, we can make that initial contact for you.


It is important to say that we offer this introductory service free of charge but do note that your personal Healer may charge you a fee. 


To find out more about how a typical healing session is conducted, click here


We are waiting to help you.


Do not blindly believe what others say.  
See for yourself what brings
contentment, clarity and peace.
That is the path for you to follow. 



Pathways for

young people 

Under 16?
Looking to experience healing?


If you are 16 or under and want healing, UK law states that we MUST have your parent's or legal guardian's written permission before we can proceed.  


What's more, when you attend your healing session, you MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult that knows you very well. 


But please don't let the "MUST's" put you off contacting us.  It's our job to help you deal with the "musts" and there's lots of ways you can get in touch:


 - By phone: 01379 890916

 - By SMS: +33 7 85 28 60 43

 - By email:

 - Facebook: (coming soon)

 - Whats App


We are waiting to help you.


Do not blindly believe what others say.  
See for yourself what brings
contentment, clarity and peace.
That is the path for you to follow. 




There is the path of fear and the path of love
Which will we follow?
- Buddha -

© The International Healing Fellowship 2015 - All rights reserved

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