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What is healing?

What is healing?

The International 

Healing Fellowship
You have immediately connected  with the healing thoughts and prayers
of our healer community and members who have blessed each page within our site.
This silent power may well help you and initiate healing within you. 
We offer this to you with our love

Science or Fiction?


Over many years, scientists and researchers have been interested to prove or disprove the skeptics.​


In 1991, Elmer Green, a famous American researcher demonstrated that the energy voltage coming from Healers hands increased to over 1,000 time the norm during healing sessions.


In the early 1970's Dr. Justa Smith proved that the energy fields of healers produced a variety of changes in different types of enzymes, (proteins which play an important part in help the body to heal) which encouraged improved health of cells.


In a classic experiment in the 1960's Canadian Bernard Grad demonstrated that seeds watered with a solution treated by healers grew much more vigourously than seeds given 'unhealed' water.   What's more, it was shown that rye seeds grown with water held by healers had a four fold increase in the number of new shoots.


In 2002, Parapsychologist Dr Serena Roney-Douglas showed that lettuce seeds treated by a healer consistently resulted in a ten percent increase in yield and were more healthy that seeds which weren't exposed to healing energy.


Scientists have also proved that healing energy has a tendency to increase haemoglobin levels in the blood which strengthens the immune system.


These are just a few of the great number of studies conducted into hands-on healing.

We've included this research, not to convince you, but what we will say is that we are working with increasingly more people who rarely remain unconvinced about the power of healing after experiencing the gentle natural inteventions offered by a practicing Healer. 

What is 'Healing'?


Usually, this is the very first question asked by someone wanting to know more about healing.


In nature, every living thing from plants to trees, animals to insects, fish to birds, people, the elements, the earth and the universe has a measurable energy.


Some call it 'The Life Force of God' or 'Spiritual Source', others have their own new age buzz words for it, but no matter the name or from where it comes, this energy can be felt and seen by everything and everyone, including you, should you choose to.


We don't get hung up on defining the source; we just know it's there because we feel it, know it and channel it to do good for others.

At The International Healing Fellowship ir TIHF for short, we like to keep everything very simple.  Our primary healing method is hands-on although we do use other complimentary techniques too​.  

In its purest form, hands-on healing is a powerful energy connection between the Healer, the animal or person receiving it and the source of the measurable energy.  This connection gives a helping hand to the body's natural self-repair system when things go wrong and aids the body to smooth out any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual irregularities to help get the person (or animal) right back on track.


Healing will never change a human's or animal's destiny just as it won't make the person or animal live for ever. ​Equally, healing must never be substituted for medicinal care and advice given by to you by health care professional just as is shouldn't be substituted for veterinary care and advice for your animals and pets.​


Healing is safe to use for any condition since it has no harmful side effects and helps other treatments, whether complimentary or medicinal, to work more deeply to a greater effect. 



How is a 1-2-1 healing session conducted?



This process is very simple, gentle and non-invasive. 


A typical session starts with some very simple questions to establish , for example, your personal details.HHealers of this Association are required by their Code of Conduct and Public Indemnity Insurance to keep records on their clients.  Normally they are concise, recording details of the healing session and a brief record of personal history.  


Any information you give is held in the strictest confidence and you may request, at any time, to see and/or obtain a copy of any personal information that the healer has on file about you.


It is the healer's Duty of Care to always ask whether you have consulted a doctor about your medical condition and to formally advise you to do so, if you have not.


After such formalities are concluded, the healer will begin by either by sitting in front of you, briefly holding your hands or by standing behind you and gently placing their hands lightly on your shoulders.


These methods of contact help the healer attune to you and assist the channelling of the Healing energy. 


Once the healer has attuned, they will then place their hands, either on or a short distance away from your body.  The placement of the healer's hands either on or away from your body is determined by the energy fields that the healer is drawn to. It is not uncommon for the Healer to hone into that part of your body that you feel is giving you trouble. 


The healer will be sensitive to your modesty at all times. Should you not wished to be touched, don't be frightened to tell the healer before the treatment begins.


The healer may help you relax by guiding you through a process of visualisation and /or breathing and relaxation techniques as well as ensuring that you are comfortably seated or lying, whichever the case may be. By being as relaxed as possible and having an open mind during the healing session, may help to facilitate the healing process.


During the session you may experience hot, cold or tingling sensations from, perhaps, the healer’s hands or within yourself.   You might also become aware of feeling peaceful and calm but conversely, you might not experience any sensations at all but don't be anxious if the latter applies. Healing is still taking place!


No matter what you experience, simply allow your body and mind to enjoy these sensations as they gently caress and soothe any pain, anxieties and dis-ease that trouble you. 


At the end of your session, you may or may not wish to talk about your experiences, the feelings and sensations experienced. However, please do note that the Healer is prevented from offering analysis of your experiences; that is for you alone to determine. 


No-one, neither the medical practitioner nor the healer can promise a cure and our Code of Conduct forbids us from claiming to do so.  Healing complements and is not an alternative to the treatment you receive from your doctor.



And the Benefits?


 - Safe, gentle, non-invasive yet very effective.


 - Compliments other therapies to help them work at a deeper    



 - Works equally for people and animals


 - Treats the symptoms and also the underlying cause of mental,

    physical, emotional or spiritual disturbances.


 - Calms, soothes and stimulates the nervous system.


 - Provides inner peace and relaxation for emotional trauma.


 - Eradicates stress caused by the earth and the environment.  


 - Helps to break through depression.


 - Detoxifies the body to stimulate major organs.


 - Helps to build confidence. 


 - Eases trauma when administered as first aid.


 - Helps dispel the fear of death for the terminally ill.


 - Helps ease the pathway through bereavement.






What else should

I know?



 - No-one, neither the medical practitioner nor the healer can

    promise a cure and our Code of Conduct forbids us from

    claiming to do so.  


 - Healing complements and is not an alternative to the

    treatment you receive from your doctor.



 - A healer is forbidden to countermand or comment on the

   advice or treatment prescribed by a doctor to you.



 - Treatment is really dependent on you and the healer, but

    generally speaking, healing should be given on a regular basis

    in order that you receive the maximum benefit.



 - A growing number of doctors are recommending healing, so

    do tell your doctor if you are receiving healing.  Many hospitals

    and hospices have healers working in them and the Patients’

    Charter will support you if you ask your GP to refer you to a




 - Many healers are prepared to heal a patient in their own home;

    however this should be discussed with the healer before the

    first appointment is agreed.



 - Many healers do not charge, however some do, either a fee or

    a donation.  Once again this should be discussed prior to the

    first appointment.



 - Ideally healing should cease when you and the healer mutually

    agree it is no longer necessary however you are within your

    rights to terminate the treatment at any time.  Nevertheless it

    is courteous to advise the healer of your intentions, as most

    healers are genuinely concerned about your well-being.



 - If you are unsure of a healer’s credentials, then request to see

    his/her Association membership card.  This evidence ensures

    that the healer adheres to a mandatory Code of Conduct and

    has Professional Indemnity Insurance. This  does not infer that

    healers who are not registered are not respectable and good




The wound is the place where the Light enters you
- Rumi -

Your questions answered

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